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Attractions in and around Ilbilbie, North Queensland

While straying at Country View Motel, Ilbilbie, take the time and visit what our region has to offer.

Greenhill and Ilbilbie

Visit Yarrawonga and Notch Point Reserves to go camping, fishing and crabbing.

Turtles nest on local beaches from around mid-October through to January – take care not to disturb them during nesting season.

Visit Koumala Hotel, on the highway at Koumala

Cape Palmerston National Park

This 7,200 hectare national park is worth a visit – with its rocky headlands, mangroves, rainforest and sand dunes, creating its rugged beauty.

Access by 4WD vehicles only.

Basic camping facilities are available at Windmill Bay and Cape Creek camping areas. Camping permits are required and fees apply.

Enjoy boating, canoeing, water activities, picnics, scenic drives and nature studies.

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